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Does this sound relatable? It does right. Especially when one subconsciously / consciously have in the mind, plans to relocate/settle in CANADA. Many people reach out to me with this very question quite often and then expect me to just say what they want to hear, which is “YES I can help them find a job". So I thought, let's address this now for the benefit of all.

Sorry but it’s not that easy. Sitting a hundred thousand miles away and without having a connection in CANADA, getting a job offer is not that easy and indeed is very difficult. The first and foremost thing that is needed to be understood is, getting a job/getting placed without having any direct connection or work rights in Canada is very difficult.

When any Canadian employer wants to hire any foreign national, there is quite a detailed process involved like proving to the Canadian authority the valid reason ( i.e. he/she couldn’t find a person of your caliber in CANADA) and after that, the employer gets approval to invite any foreign national to work for him/her. The process sounds quite easy though, but like it’s “EASIER SAID THAN DONE”. It involves a series of detailed paperwork, interviews, and rejections of interviewees, verifications and then finally rejections or approval.

I agree, there are now new provisions and new options coming up where there may be some exemptions to getting a job offer directly from the employer without having approval from Canadian authority but the caveat to that is, it’s not so easy. A lot of overnight oil burning, rigorous emails, tracking of job opportunities, to and fro of applications and if luck favors, series of interviews to be cleared and that too not sure, it will happen or not. More importantly, the employer would have to incur some cost to issue a work permit, if at all they agree to do so. Now with these things in mind, why would an employer choose to hire an overseas worker?

Why would they take so much hassle and what for?

So technically here aspirants are looking at achieving something very difficult. Yes, Job Offers are available in abundance (pun intended), if you look for it in the market. But be warned to venture out for these. There is huge risk and money involved here. Yes, Huge Risk and Money. Many are promising to get you one and would ask for loads and loads of money and many are ready to put loads of hard-earned money at risk on such a venture. And yes, the agents will make you believe that the whole process is so much like a cakewalk and would promise things which are like “So true to be good”.

In my experience during my entire career, I know of many cases where people have been duped ( I would say robbed) and are still being duped with such false promises. Recently only I came across a case where a gentleman of very high candidature, a Bank manager in a reputed bank, paid in Cash around Rs.13 lacs, for a job offer to an entity claiming to get him the same for his son. And now all this gentleman is being told is that they need time as things are slow. It’s been 3 and half years since he has paid. But the reality is his money is gone. This gentleman has no agreement in place and no proof of payment. When he contacted me to get a second opinion, I asked him to get a few details from his agent so that I can see those details and guide him in whatever possible way but he got nothing from this agent. I told him in the first place itself that he was cheated and robbed, in reality, this agent never asked for any records like education documents, no passport details etc. Even his agent could not provide any government fees paid receipt. Well, some could say that it is one odd case and I fully agree with them yes it could be but I would request all to take extra caution and be careful when dealing with such too good to be true promises.

Few Questions??
If securing an overseas job would be that easy,
Why it is not that prevalent and open in the market?
Why things are not transparent and clear?
Why still do people have to struggle?

So I personally would advise caution in this.

And yes, on the other side there are various alternatives to this approach of securing a job overseas and settling.

One of these ways is direct PR (Permanent Residency), a genuine and cheaper option. If eligible, one may apply and get a Permanent Residency first and then scout for a Job as local resident. This would make things way easy and clear. Now, this, I am sure, is a better option. PR will not only get you open work rights but also makes you eligible for all the social benefits which a normal resident of Canada gets. Ideally, after getting the PR, one becomes a local resident and enjoys all the benefits.

Another Option is a Study visa, through this visa one will genuinely be able to get an education in Canada and this will not only help in one’s career but also will give one the right to work in CANADA post completion of the studies and if eligibility requirements are met at that time, one may apply for Permanent Residency and become one with all benefits.

Yet, another option is getting married to a Canadian PR or Citizen. But make sure, it is a genuine marriage not just for the sake of landing in CANADA. It should not be a Marriage of Convenience. Please note that paper / fake marriages are quite prevalent these days. There are consequences for both partners involved in a false marriage for immigration purposes. If an officer is not satisfied that you are in a genuine relationship, your application will be refused. You may be banned from travelling to CANADA for 5 Years. This fraudulent marriage is a crime for a foreign national to marry a Canadian citizen or permanent resident only to gain entry to Canada. Apart from taking legal action against you, Canada may deport you also. One should be really careful and genuine in this option. And yes the genuinity of the marriage has to be proved with supporting documents. The officers are trained to detect false marriages. So the onus of proving lies with applicants.

Like these above options, there are other options too like Business Visa, Start-Up Visa, etc... to settle in CANADA on Permanent Residency. In fact, there are more than 100 ways of securing PR in CANADA. So scout for something where you are eligible and avoid getting scammed by fake offers. As an applicant, you have all the rights to know the complete details of your applications and stay updated.

Don`t be in the dark and trust blindly. Do your Homework.

If you are keen on knowing more in detail as to where would you qualify, you know who to Call or Connect!!

Stay Informed, Smart & Cautious!


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