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Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Age like Fine Wine. #Nisha`s
Ageing like fine Wine / Delay has its own cost in the CANADIAN PR Application process.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans were aware of the potential of aged wines. In Greece, early examples of dried "straw wines" were noted for their ability to age due to their high sugar contents. These wines were stored in sealed earthenware amphorae and kept for many years. In Rome, the most sought after wines – Falernian and Surrentine – were prized for their ability to age for decades. In the Book of Luke, it is noted that "old wine" was valued over "new wine" (Luke 5:39).

The ageing of wine is potentially able to improve the quality of the wine. This distinguishes wine from most other consumable goods. AND the expression “AGING LIKE A FINE WINE” is used to describe a person. It is meant to compliment the person, saying the more they age, the better they become as a person, like wine (and unlike most other things, which get worse with age).

Source: Wikipedia

But ageing is a natural & irreversible phenomenon hence it must be taken seriously. Especially, if you are considering migrating/settling permanently in CANADA, you definitely should not, at all, take this factor lightly. For, this may cause you loss of eligibility points or even chance to apply for your CANADIAN PR. It is imperative and a fact that AGE should never be taken for a ride.


In the CANADIAN PR process, age plays one vital role and a fine balance is to be maintained between young and old age. Too young won`t get you points and fine wine like ageing will cost you points. In short, there is a sweet age band within bands.

Young contributes for a longer time and old for a lesser time. Time value is in favour of the young in here.

If you have ever thought or dreamt or desired of getting CANADIAN PR, you must not waste time and get onto it asap and consult the experts. Sooner the better. The applicant's age is worth 12% of the overall selection criteria on the FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) selection grid. It is one of the variable factors which may result in a loss of at least 5 points or more every year when you hit your birthday.

Even though it looks like a small number but when surpassed it may result in losing a lot of points which can cost you your Invitation to Apply (ITA) from IRCC. Every single point can cost you a loss in ITA and the wait for the next draw to happen at the same score or less may or may not happen.

Let me explain with an example:

For instance: Mary was 29 years old as of 05 May 2021. She is about to turn 30 years on the 10th of May. Her current CRS is 462. As soon she turns 30 she will lose 5 points thereby decreasing her CRS to 457. Now you see in case a new draw comes out before 10 May and at CRS of 462 or less she will get an invitation to apply from IRCC, however on the other hand if the draw happens on 11 May with the same CRS of 462 points, and she will not get an ITA.

In such a scenario, either she will have to wait for the next draw to happen with lesser CRS or increase her points through other factors or start looking for her eligibility to apply for PNP’s.

Points Eligibility as per AGE in CANADA PR Application

The below-mentioned table shows what points will be awarded to you, once you get in the pool as per your current age. The higher the age lower the points one gets.

Agewise Points contribution in CANADIAN PR Process
Agewise Points contribution in CANADIAN PR Process

Also more and more younger people are choosing to immigrate to CANADA on PR. and clearly, the below image shows the bifurcation of the Number of People who Immigrated to CANADA on PR in 2020.

Number of People who Immigrated to CANADA on PR in 2020.
Number of People who Immigrated to CANADA on PR in 2020.

This shows more Immigrants are in the younger age bracket. To be precise, 63717 Immigrants are in the '25 to 29' Age bracket.

Younger the better for the "CANADIAN PR Process".

To conclude one must consult the experts and start his application process in the early stages of life to get the added advantages like:

  1. Time is in your favour

  2. More eligibility points.

  3. If any deficiency, you have time to make good that deficiency.

  4. At Young age, adapting to a new environment and culture is easy and fun.

  5. Obviously, Young has higher energy.

Thus AGE like a fine WINE but with Caution!
"Life is but a fine wine to be sipped and favoured and not wasted."


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